Friday, 4 December 2015

Chennai, also know as Madras the capital of Tamil Nadu, has been tragically suffering from the heaviest rainfall ever reported. Recently India's PM Mr. Modi has promised $150m (£99m) to the Tamil Nadu state, the Indian government and people in Tamil Nadu are supporting others during this tragic event. Many people from India are raising money and doing charity for the people suffering in Chennai. During such a catastrophic event people are helping each others irrespective of their religion and cast.
                Looking at this students of University of Nottingham, United Kingdom came up with a novel idea about raising money for Chennai floods by selling cup cakes and cookies also exposing British and other nation’s people to the most famous Indian hand art known as Heena (Mehendi). The amount of money collected in this event will be donated to the RJ Balaji and actor Siddharth who are taking ground level efforts in this supporting event.



Many Indian and other nation’s students participated in this supporting event for helping Chennai. This event leaves a very beautiful message as "no matter where you are and what you doing when anyone need your help you can always be useful to help".I hope that this cloud of darkness will soon be gone from Chennai and a beautiful ray of light will blossom the state again with joy and happiness. May God bless everyone!




Backstage  in the event are: 

Coordinator: Rajesh Ramesh

Preethi Harinath, Trinethra Reddy, Niranchana Ram, Elena Abrusci, Daniela Andrade - Cupcakes, Cookies, Brownies, Biscuits

Rajesh Ramesh, Ambalika Koshti, Narendran Veeraraghavan, Hemanth Kalathuru - Marketing, Ground Volunteering and Support

Sebastian - Guitar Music

Karthikashree Pasupathy - Henna Expert

Elliott Denham - University of Nottingham PostGrad Officer - Student's Union Support

Outreach: Pratik Bhanuse